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    Start Room
    – click wallclock to zoom in, click again to pick it up
    – facing couch, click on left drawer unit to zoom in, click it repeatedly to move, pick up pin
    – turn around to face door
    – pick up candle from drawer unit to the right (and pan view back out)
    – click window left of door, use clock to smash it in (lower right compartment)
    – click on smashed section to get through window (don’t ask me how – probably opening the door with a hand through it)

    Middle Room
    – use pin to destroy balloons on ceiling (zoom in)
    – pick up label from floor next to dustbin
    – click on dustbin, pick up paper from inside (just one)
    – open second drawer from bottom in drawer unit to get fish food
    – go back to start room

    Start Room (2)
    – use label on backpack in corner to unlock zipper
    – open middle zipper
    – get iron rod and box of matches
    – turn around, zoom in on aquarium, click to get top view of aquarium
    – feed fish (distract em from their boat by putting fish food on right side of aquarium)
    – use iron rod to push boat aside
    – pick up blue box
    – click on blue box in inventory to open a window with blue box
    – crack blue box with iron rod & pick up purple key
    – go to middle room

    Middle Room (2)
    – open door to final room with purple key and enter

    Final Room
    – it’s dark, so make some light: click on candle to get a window with it, and light it with matches (click on the candle to close window)
    – place candle on drawer unit in the rear, left side
    – zoom in on rear drawer unit, right side
    – open second drawer from bottom, pick up (eerie) doll face
    – click on paper you picked up from dustbin – note code 1424
    – click on doll face, click on its forehead to get a text prompt
    – enter code
    – pick up teal (turquoise) key from doll mouth (it will end up in the same slot as the purple key was in, if you backtrack to the middle room, you will have 2 keys in that slot, or you are bugged)
    – go back to start room

    Start Room (3)
    – zoom in on drawer unit beneath aquarium
    – unlock second drawer from top with teal key and pick up apple
    – go back to middle room

    Middle Room (3)
    – you should have purple key again, use it to open door to final room once more

    Final Room (2)
    – zoom in on number puzzle on wall
    I was not able to find any clues for this puzzle, however there is only a limited number of options. You need to sort the numbers so that it says:
    When you click on a number, it will normally(*) be swapped with the one you previously clicked. So one way to solve it is (numbering the fields left to right, top to bottom = 1 through 9): 1-4-4 2-7-7 3-9-9 6-7
    – pick up knife
    – click on apple to get a window with it
    – cut apple with knife and pick up blue key
    – zoom on door, and use blue key to exit the house

    * The extra clicks on 4, 7 and 9 are to get a “defined” behavior in this game – I have not quite understood the rules of when two numbers are actually swapped

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Es wird spannend, herausfordernd, knifflig und blau. Du befindest Dich in einem blauen Raum, die Tür nach draußen ist verschlossen. Schau Dich um, was kannst Du tun? Schau nach Gegenständen, die Du dann verwenden kannst, um Dir einen Weg aus dem blauen Raum zu suchen und zu finden. Gar nicht so einfach? Sag ich doch!

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Blueroom Escape

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